Efficient fundraising
for your startup.

With CDF for Startups you can manage your fundraising process from analyzing and benchmarking, finding suitable accelerator programs and investors all the way to closing the deal.

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How it works

Step 1: Set up your profile and benchmark against your peers

During the onboarding process, you will set up a profile of your company, which provides the basis for extensive benchmarking and analytics.

Find out how you compare to your peers and gain meaningful insights, which help you to fine-tune your profile.


Step 2: Be matched and apply

Based on your profile you will be matched to those investors and accelerator programs, that are especially relevant to your company.

So, skip the endless investor research and concentrate on those, who can really accelerate your growth!

And the best part: With your profile, you can apply with just a few clicks.

Step 3: Manage your applications

Keep track of all applications, add tasks, notes, and reminders and prepare all relevant documents, including your term sheet via our embedded generator.