Focus on the deal
that matters.

CDF One helps you to automatically collect and structure your incoming deals, and draw the key insights, so that you can spend more time on finding the next unicorn.

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With CDF One investors, corporates and accelerators are able to establish a structured process for their startup dealflow, thereby building their own structured database, which provides a single source of truth for all current and upcoming investments.

“It makes my work so much easier and smoother.“

Sanville Moses,
COO, Waymaker Capital

“Absolute seamless transition and great integration with our process.“


Nico Konrad,
CEO, DLT Capital

"CDF One allows us to quickly screen and evaluate the relevant startups for our program.“

Benjamin Horvath,
MD, Blockrocket

Structured data from all lead sources

Create your own application form with our form builder and benefit from best practices and standard questions for all relevant investment areas.

You already have an existing form? Migrate it easily during our onboarding process and import your existing database via CSV files.


Analyse your

Keep an eye on your dealflow by matching incoming startups with your investment criteria. See where you miss out on an opportunity and identify measures to optimize your funnel.

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Pitchdeck Parser

You have an extensive archive of Pitchdecks or receive a lot of Decks, which you cannot process manually?

Enter our Pitchdeck Parser. Leveraging state of the art AI methods we extract structured datasets and provide you with meaningful insights.


This service is also available as API. If you need help with the implementation within your existing infrastructure or need a custom solution, contact us via

Stay up to date with your analysis and due diligence funnel. Track the progress of each application via our integrated task management board.

Task management



Startup and Innovation Sourcing

Together with our partner INNOSPOT we leverage today’s smartest technology to find the right startups for your organization.

Seamless integration

CDF One works great with tools in your existing workflow.


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Invite all team members to work on the same database, share investment criteria across sub-teams, comment and vote on startups.

Collaborate efficiently