Focus on the deal
that matters.

Organize and manage all startup interactions in a central place.
CDF One is your all-in-one startup relationship management tool.

Save time by eliminating

manual data input

Automatic deal creation

A warm intro from your network or an interesting startup you met at a Demo Day – With CDF One you can manage all lead sources, no matter where the startup comes from.

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Smart workflow management

Automatically and retroactively surface every interaction your team has had and retain valuable data even if there’s a leave.  We are  your digital rolodex.

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Better things to do?


days of data entry saved per person a year.

Skip the monkey work,

start working smart

Centralize your deal flow

Keep all startup relationships in one place. Easily sort and segment your startups with smart reports, dashboards and visualizations.

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Smooth data migration

Do not worry about losing data. We help you gaining even more insights about your deals when migrating to CDF One.

Integration with
your tools

CDF One seamlessly integrates with your existing tools. Whether it is E-Mail, Slack, CRMs or simply Excel, we cover your needs.

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Care about your employees?


higher work satisfaction due to less monkey work.

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